DayMark 115436 18″ Hand-E-Grip Disposable Pastry Bag with Dispenser (Roll of 100)

The Daymark 115436 Hand-E-Grip disposable plastic pastry bag is used once only to help prevent the spread of germs or contaminants, comes in a dispenser box on a roll of 100 bags, is 75 microns thick, has burst-resistant welds for strength, and has a textured surface to help prevent slipping and hand fatigue. It is suitable for piping soft food mixtures such as frosting, fillings, and whipped cream into or on pastries, cakes, cookies, and other food items. This pastry bag has a triangle shape and is 18 inches long. The wide end of the bag is open and approximately 8-1/2 inches wide to facilitate filling the bag with a food mixture. The bag can be used to line a canvas pastry bag.

DayMark Safety Systems manufactures labeling systems, food preparation equipment, and other safety products for the restaurant and food service industry. The company, founded in 1989, is headquartered in Bowling Green, OH.