Original Life Hammer Escape Hammer (Orange), 2 Pack

Emergency Exit Hammer.Auto Escape Hammer: Essential automobile safety equipment. Don’t get trapped in your car. Use the LifeHammer auto escape tool when doors are jammed, the seat belt is stuck, and breaking the window is the only way out! Remove LifeHammer from the Mounting by pulling hammer end labeled ‘pull’. Cut unreleased seat belts with the razor-sharp blade on this emergency escape hammer. Smash a side window with the quality double-tipped safety auto escape hammer. Swing this travel safety device like a hammer. Escape! To escape entrapment in flooded or burning vehicle, add the LifeHammer emergency escape tool to your tool kits. Luminescent pin on auto escape hammer lets you locate it quickly even in complete darkness. Used by many firemen, police and paramedics. Fastest way to remove children’s car seats in emergencies. FREE holder is included for convenient mounting and storage inside your car. Life Hammer Car Escape Hammer Travel Safety Features: LifeDon’t be trapped in your car. The original orange emergency exit hammer. Cut seat belt with razor sharp cutter. Break out window with double tipped hammer. Mounting bracket. Weight: 4 oz. Length: 6.75 inches. Made in Netherlands.

Price: $34.95